Constantly getting "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" error

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    Constantly getting "Chrome OS is missing or damaged" error

    So I keep getting this error, I've tried making a recovering image on windows and mac os x, and i keep getting the error over and over again. I've tried switching to dev mode, but no luck. Anyone have any advice? I've got the IEC Mario Fish 2330 model.

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    What happens when you try to recover with the recovery image?
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    It'd be nice to know what you were using to perform the recovery, as well... SD card or USB thumb drive?
    I have heard of a few people who have had problems recovering with a certain USB drive or SD card... you might want to consider borrowing or buying a new flash drive or SD card. There has also been a lot of problems with the USB drive or SD card after making the recovery image; mostly being unable to format after making the recovery disk. I apologize for making you have to endure 'USB drive or SD card' over and over, I just want to be specific It is also suggested that you use a USB device or SD card this is more than 4GB in size... 2GB may work, but it may not.

    If you are having problems performing a recovery, or have had problems with your SD card or USB device AFTER making it into a recovery device (these also work for anyone who has made their device into a bootable Chromium image) - then try this... you can try your original SD card or USB device, but a different one is suggested just so you aren't wasting your time...
    On a Windows 7 machine open a command prompt <Click the start button, type 'cmd' in the search area... RIGHT CLICK on COMMAND PROMPT and select 'Run as Administrator'> and type 'diskpart'... press enter. Select 'Yes' on the popup asking for administrator permission if it appears.
    Disk Part will load
    Type 'list disk' and press enter > Your flash drive or SD card will be listed (as long as it's in the drive) with a number assigned to it - make sure you aren't looking at the local hard disk or any other important drive, verify the storage size if you must - once you know the number to your device, proceed...
    Type 'select disk #' # being the number that was assigned to your device - and press enter.
    Type 'clean' and press enter. When this finishes, you will see 'DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.'
    Type 'exit' and press enter.
    Click on the start button, then click on Control Panel - if you haven't changed it yet, go to the upper right hand corner and click on 'View by...' and select 'Small icons' or 'Large icons' - I'm not here to judge you for your eyesight, just trying to help
    Double click on Administrative Tools
    Double click Computer Management
    Double click Storage
    Scroll down the lower portion of the window until you see your USB device or SD card, you can verify by size if you need to.
    RIGHT CLICK on the black stripe and select New Simple Volume...
    Click Next
    Click Next (Simple volume size in MB should be the Maximum disk space in MB listed above)
    Assign the following drive letter: A v (This will be automatically selected, may not be 'A')
    Click Next
    Format this volume with the following settings:
    File System FAT32 (Select from dropdown menu if not selected)
    Allocation unit size Default
    Volume Label New Volume (You can name it w/e you wish)
    Perform a quick format (Check)
    Click Next
    Click finish
    The drive will format, AutoPlay may pop up and annoy you.

    Okay - whew - close all that crap. If you only wanted to format the device, then you are done. For those that are recovering, use these instructions (thanks to Google)...

    Download this file (from Google) :

    When you finish this download, go and rename it to include .img at the end (replacing whatever other extension it may have).

    Also download Image Writer for Windows :

    When the program has completed downloading, extract it and run the program from within the folder.

    Select the image you downloaded from Google (Use the little blue folder to open the explorer window)

    Select the drive letter of your device from the dropdown menu.

    Select 'Write'

    When it's done, try recovering again.

    Sorry it's so lengthy, but those are the exact steps I took and would use if I were going to perform another recovery. You may think you are formatting a good device, and it turns out it's got a configuration error or something that will make it's use as a bootable recovery disk completely flakey. When you actually go through and 'clean' the device, it just makes things easier.
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