I am on the Dev channel in the Dev mode.
Chrome OS (Official Build) dev-channel x86-mario
Google Chrome 11.0.696.14

A weird problem of tab-loading is persisting from earlier builds on my CR-48.

When browsing a given page, I like to open links in multiple background tabs (a throwback from my Firefox days); once done 'link harvesting' from a page, I go to individual tabs, read the content and close them. This works fine in Firefox, and works fine in Chrome browser across computers.

However, on my CR-48, if I try to engage in this particular browsing behavior, the foreground tab - I repeat, the tab, not the computer - becomes completely unresponsive (no scroll, no click, by cursor or by keyboard) until the background tab finishes loading. This negatively affects my speed of browsing, and it is very irritating.

Has anyone else faced the same issue?